A BED and breakfast owner has taken legal advice after workers left a water-filled hole outside his business.

Nigel Mould, who runs the Grade II listed Grove House in Leyburn with wife Jean, says it is unsightly and a safety risk.

It was dug by contractors working for BT to install fibre-optic broadband.

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Mr Mould is also unhappy that a new metal broadband cabinet has appeared outside his B&B when it was due to be sited further up the road away from homes and businesses.

He said: "It is our business and livelihood and the current state of the excavation work is an eyesore and also a health and safety issue.

“The cabinet was originally given permission to be sited further up Moor Road towards Thornborough Hall - in fact adjacent to an existing BT cabinet.

“The county council stated that it was not suitable because an earlier dug hole revealed footings for the nearby wall, but then how did they install the existing cabinet?”

Mr Mould has written to Richmond MP William Hague asking him to investigate and has also asked his solicitor to raise the matter with BT.

“With the Tour de France being a major tourist attraction in July and planned to pass directly in front of Grove House, we would hope common sense can prevail and any siting decision would be made with local business in mind,” he added.

In response, BT said the location of the fibre cabinet was approved by the local authority after it was unable to be placed at the original site.

It added that work outside the B&B was affected by water rising from underground, rather than a water supply.

The water flow was being controlled and salt was being applied to stop the path from freezing.

A spokeswoman for BT added: “We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused during work to provide a fibre broadband cabinet on Grove Square.

"Underground water has delayed the completion of works but we are hopeful work will start to progress very soon. While work has been ongoing we have ensured access to the property directly behind has been maintained using barriers and a walk board system.

"This cabinet is positioned with all the necessary permissions and will bring the benefits of superfast broadband speeds to an area currently experiencing slow broadband speeds.”