LOCAL government workers will take part in an official day of protest tomorrow (Tuesday, February 4).

Council staff will stage protests, stunts and rallies at town halls across the region.

A spokesman for the Unison trade union said the action would highlight the dire state of local government pay and the disastrous impact of cuts on local jobs and services.

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Local government workers’ pay was frozen for three years before a one per cent rise last year, which Unison says means salaries have fallen 18 per cent in real terms.

Unison, GMB and Unite are demanding a £1.20-per-hour minimum increase this year, to ensure all workers get at least the Living Wage, of £7.65 or £8.80 in London.

The government is expected to respond later this month.

Clare Williams, Unison’s regional convenor, said: “Today (Tuesday) is an opportunity for local government members across the region to tell their employers that they have had enough of being treated like second-class citizens.

“Many are having to resort to food banks to put food on their tables.”

There will be action in Durham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Newcastle and elsewhere.