POTENTIAL homes have been found for all of the animals at a sanctuary that was repossessed earlier this week.

A rescue centre in Norfolk has offered to take on every animal at Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary in Willington, County Durham, which money lender Redstone Mortgages took over on Wednesday because of debt owed on the property.

It is believed more than 200 animals were housed at Rainbow Ark, from domestic pets to farm animals.

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John Watson, of Hillside Animal Sanctuary, near Norwich, said: “We are primarily a farm animal sanctuary with around 2,000 animals so other people may be better placed to take on animals such as cats and guinea pigs while we take things like horses and pigs.

“We would rather take all the animals than see those that have formed attachments split up from friendship groups or go to people who don’t know what they are taking on, when they can live a long safe life here.”

Other animal organisations across England have also come forward with offers to rehome animals.

A fundraising campaign set up by supporters of the sanctuary has raised more than £32,000 which volunteers say will probably be used relocating the animals.

But it is unclear exactly what remains onsite and who will make decisions about their future.

The RSPCA said last night it had officers at the farm to offer advice on animal welfare.