The following cases were heard by South Durham Magistrates sitting at Darlington Magistrates’ Court:

CAR DAMAGED: Naomi Watson, 20, of Park Crescent, Darlington, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage worth £840 to a parked car. Watson was seen with an unidentified female on CCTV near the Mitsubishi Colt in the early hours of July 16 last year after the car was found badly scratched by its owner. In mitigation, Jane Scott told the court that Watson had no recollection of the night’s events, but accepted she was partly responsible for the damage. Magistrates ordered Watson to pay £420 compensation and court costs of £85.

TOOL STOLEN: Brian Rumley, 39, of High Northgate, Darlington, admitted theft from a shop. He was stopped by security staff at Wilkinsons, in Darlington, after he was seen to put a multi-tool worth £9 in his pocket and leave without attempting to pay. Rumley was given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge. The item was recovered.

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SHOP THEFT: Gerard Gill, 40, of Oxford Street, Darlington, pleaded guilty to stealing three DVDs worth £15 from Sainsbury’s, in Victoria Road, Darlington. Graeme Hunsley, mitigating, said Gill had been driven to steal after problems with his benefits. Gill was given a 12 month conditional discharge.

NO PAYMENT: Daniel Robson, 18, of Brighton Road, Darlington, pleaded guilty to a charge of making off without payment, after he filled a jerry can with petrol worth £23.74 at the Shell garage on Woodland Road, Darlington, and left without paying. Nick Woodhouse, mitigating, said Robson had “fallen to temptation” in not paying for the fuel. Robson was ordered to pay compensation of £23.74 and costs of £85. He was also made subject to a curfew on a Saturday night between 7pm and 7am, which will last for ten weeks.