RESIDENTS’ excitement at moving into a new housing estate has turned to frustration after being forced to endure more than two months without phone or internet.

Despite numerous complaints, BT is yet to connect the phone lines at Greenwood Court in Newton Aycliffe.

The delay is a growing cause of irritation for the 22-households that makeup the new estate on the site of the former Greenfields Nursing Home.

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The tenants moved into the properties, which are managed by the social housing provider livin, from mid-November onwards and although they are happy with their homes they are angry at BT’s service.

Greenwood Court resident Philip Clark claimed the delay was not only a major inconvenience, but could put lives at risk.

“My concern is that if someone falls ill and they haven’t got a mobile phone they will not be able to call for help,” he said.

“Everyone seems to be blaming everyone else. I have been assured the phone lines are in place, but we are still waiting.

“I know of one woman who is due to have an operation which will make it hard for her to get out of the house for a few weeks. She had hoped to do her shopping online, but at this rate it won’t be possible.”

Nearby resident Andrew Cane, 29, said the lack of information from BT had made the situation worse.

“What is most frustrating is that they say they are going to do something on a certain day and then they don’t do it,” he said.

“I keep having to go to my girlfriend’s mum’s house to use her phone so I can call BT and find out what is going on. The least they could do is keep us up to date.”

A BT spokesperson said: “Openreach, who look after the local network on behalf of all service providers, are extremely sorry for the delay in completing this work, due to a combination of unexpected challenges encountered by our contractors.

“The work is progressing and will be completed soon.”