PENSIONERS say they need new parking restrictions to keep their street safe.

Elderly people living in bungalows on Kinley Road, Carrville, near Durham City, say there are often so many cars parked on their street it becomes inaccessible for ambulances and fire engines.

They want Durham County Council to introduce ‘residents only’ parking, a two-hour time limit or pay-and-display meters.

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Some say they have been pushing for the changes for several years, having lobbied the parish council and police and twice petitioned the county council.

Residents believe their street has become an unofficial overflow car park for people using the nearby Belmont park-and-ride facility, particularly during the Lumiere and Christmas festivals.

The problem is worsened by football fans leaving their cars on the street as they travel to away matches by coach.

On one occasion, a hearse was unable to access the street.

Resident Margaret Wiper said: “It’s been going on for years, but it’s definitely getting worse.

“The council has got do to something.”

Durham Police has issued residents with letters to leave on motorists’ windscreens, asking them to be considerate.

Adrian White, Durham County Council’s head of transport, said there was no need for motorists to park in nearby streets when using Belmont park-and-ride as on an average day there are about 300 free spaces.

He added: “We have not been contacted by residents concerned about this issue and have not received a petition.

“However, we would be more than happy to discuss any concerns people may have and look at possible solutions.”