A STROKE survivor has hit out at thoughtless fly-tippers, after seven tonnes of rubbish was dumped near his home, blocking access to the property.

Waste roofing materials were left in Patches Lane, off Burtree Lane, near Darlington, overnight on Monday (January 20).

It was the second serious fly-tipping incident in the lane in recent years.

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Mike Craddock, who lives in Patches Lane, was rushed to hospital after a minor stroke last year.

The furious 66-year-old said: “If that had happened today, I could have died. How long will it be before these greedy toe-rags cost someone their life?

“Fly-tipping is not just a disgusting nuisance and a danger, it is also costing us all an extortionate amount of money.

“The council does not regain any money from successful prosecutions - it pays for removal, it pays to bring it to court.

“Covert cameras are now going to be installed with night vision to monitor all vehicles entering and leaving Patches Lane, as we are not going to put up with this dangerous situation any longer.

“The council’s hands may be tied through legislation - ours aren't."

The waste was removed by 11am on Tuesday (January 21), after staff from Darlington Borough Council’s street scene swung into action.

Street scene supervisor John Herdman said it is the duty of people having work done on their homes to ensure that waste is disposed of legitimately.

Mr Herdman rejected the suggestion the fly-tipping was more prevalent in Darlington than other areas.

He said: “All councils suffer from fly-tipping to some extent – dark nights and mornings are useful times for these people. That is when we must be most vigilant.”

The waste left in Patches Lane would indicate that someone, somewhere, had recently had a fibreglass roof fitted at their home.

Mr Craddock added: “I ask the question, have you had a job of this description carried out lately? If so, let the council know, and who by.

“Please call street scene with details of the job, company and vehicle number, to stamp out this greedy attitude.”

Street scene can be contacted on 01325-346831 or by emailing streetscene.enforcement@darlington.gov.uk