RESIDENTS are being urged to complete a questionnaire that will help shape the future of their town.

Over the last few weeks, a questionnaire, seeking Sedgefield residents’ opinions on everything from new housing to green spaces, has been distributed to every household in the town.

The results will form the basis of the Sedgefield Plan, which, when complete, will be a statutory document that Durham County Council must consider when determining planning applications.

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The plan must comply with the County Durham Plan, which specifies that 450 new homes and 20 replacement homes must be built in Sedgefield.

Chris Lines, leader of Sedgefield Town Council, said it was important the community created its own plan to ensure it had an input on future developments.

“The first thing we did was set up an independent steering group made up of residents with a range of interests and from all sorts of backgrounds,” he said.

“The plan will cover four key topic areas; housing, infrastructure, economy and community and environment. We really need people to get involved so that the plan is genuinely representative.”

David Bowles, chair of the steering group, added: “Anyone over 16 can fill in the questionnaire and it is vital that they do, especially young people, as it will be in place until 2013 and it will affect them.”

The questionnaire, which is available online at, must be returned to Ceddesfeld Hall, the council offices on Front Street or Number Four on High Street by Friday, January 24.