HUNDREDS of people flocked to a primary school on Friday to enjoy a spectacular light created by pupils.

The mini-Lumiere festival was the result of project based around light involving all 512 children at Newker Primary School, Chester-le-Street.

Teacher and prime organiser Gemma Hanson said: “During the week pupils designed and made light structures and displays which were shown around the grounds of the school

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“The aim was to bring enjoyment and learning together within the first week back to school after Christmas celebrations."

Head teacher Mark Frazer said: “This is the second year we have done this. We were inspired by the Lumiere in Durham.

“We were quite surprised by how many children had not been to see it, so we thought why not do our own?

“We also wanted something to kick start the New Year - after the high of Christmas to come back with something to look forward to.

“And it is also a chance for the children to showcase their work to parents.

"We have had 890 people through the gates tonight.”

The festival with the theme of countries of the world included depictions of Inuits, wartime London, Japan, Egypt, a volcanic scene and South Africa.

Some of the lighting in the nursery and reception areas were provided free by the local firm Disco Dynamite.