A FITNESS revolution from the United States will soon have pulses racing in County Durham.

After two years of planning and research, fitness expert Terry Anderson and his wife, Vikki, an experienced businesswoman, have finally fulfilled their dream of bringing CrossFit to their hometown, Newton Aycliffe.

The strength and conditioning programme involves learning a series of functional movements, which are then varied and executed at high intensity.

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Mr and Mrs Anderson are passionate about CrossFit, which was developed in the United States, and their new venture, CrossFit All Out, at North Field Way in Aycliffe Business Park, is aimed at people of all ages and ability who want to improve their fitness or lose weight.

Mr Anderson, who has worked at Lifestyle Fitness Suite in Newton Aycliffe for 13 years, said: “I’m so passionate about CrossFit because after training hard all of my adult life, I’ve seen first-hand the amazing results from CrossFit, the fantastic community spirit between members, which is highlighted by the continued support and encouragement of each other, regardless of their fitness levels.

“The most unfit person in a class is working just as hard as the most athletic person and this is not only acknowledged, but applauded.”

An open weekend will be held at CrossFit All Out on Saturday, January 18, and Sunday, January 19, from 10am to 2pm.