A TEENAGER who stole red diesel from a tractor was caught after his DNA was found on the tube used to extract it from the tank.

Daniel Robson, 18, admitted the theft of ten litres of red diesel from a farm in Neasham, near Darlington, when he appeared at Darlington Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard Robson, of Brighton Road, Darlington, was with two other people on the night of the offence on October 9, but he was the only one with the lung power to suck the diesel from the tank.

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Alan Davison, prosecuting, said the farmer went to use his tractor but found it was empty, with the rubber tubing used to siphon it off still sticking out of the tank.

Police took swabs from the tubing, which identified Robson.

Jane Scott, mitigating, said Robson took full responsibility for his actions and did not seek to blame others for the offence.

She added: “Since this offence, the defendant has found full-time employment and his life has turned around positively.”

Magistrates fined Robson £160 and ordered him to pay £7 compensation for the stolen red diesel. He will also pay court costs of £85 and a £20 victim surcharge.