MARK Allison passed the miles by relaying his thoughts via Twitter. Matt Westcott selects some of his best offerings:

FOUR days in and its the little things that make the difference: "#Kellerberrin and your virtually fly free public toilets - I salute you. #tweetingnotpooing"

NOT something joggers encounter in the North-East: "I'm going to have to change my shoes at the next stop. There is a lot of melted road stuck to them."

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NOT all the locals are friendly: "Just had a #roadtrain driver throw a bottle of wee at me."

THE run plays with Marks mind: "Imagine running in a mostly desolate wasteland for up to 13 hours a day for 63 days. You'd become a bit paranoid. No?"

AIR conditioning? That would be nice: "Great news. The RV temperature is down to 34 Celsius. It's gone from steam room to sauna. It should be cool in approx 5 hours (3 am)."

In mid-December, the hours began to take their toll: "I've lost concentration a few times on the road today. That's 12 hours of sleep in 4 nights for you."

AS Christmas approached: "The run across Australia is far more difficult than I could ever have imagined. The toll that it has taken mentally is considerable."

When he was considering giving up recently due to the route taking him on a busy highway in the dark: "I've caused enough people enough worry. The Hume Highway has already claimed victims this month. I'm not going to be one of them."

AFTER finishing at the Pacific Ocean: "My feet are in bits. I'm leaving all 7 pairs of trainers here in Australia. I don't think there's a mile left in any of them."