A SECOND hand car and a seized sum of £540 may be all that can be recovered as crime proceeds from a drug addict and low level supplier.

Brad Roberts was jailed for six years at Durham Crown Court in July after admitting four counts of drug possession with intent to supply, three class A and one class C, plus simple possession of a class B drug.

It related to the recovery of mainly heroin, plus amphetamines, from Roberts when searched at his home address, in Ninth Street, Horden, County Durham, and in a car outside, in 2011 and last year.

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The court heard he hid quantities of the drug in plastic Kinder eggs, sometimes secreted about his body.

A crime proceeds hearing was staged at the court today (Thursday September 26) to see what could be confiscated from Roberts.

He failed to appear as the hearing was told he refused to leave his prison cell to come to court.

Mark Styles, prosecuting, told the court: “He’s declined to grace us with his presence.

“In the absence of the defendant the defence is unable to agree on any sum for confiscation.

“Hopefully, in the intervening period prior to the next hearing, they can get the agreement of Mr Roberts, or a disclaimer over the property held, a motor car and a small amount of cash.”

Jane Waugh, representing the absent Roberts, said: “The problem he has, and I suspect the reason he hasn’t come today, is in protest over the car, which belonged to his now deceased former brother and is his last connection with him.

“It’s probably worth less than £1,000. He was hoping to keep it, but it’s classed as an asset and he doesn’t have any other means of paying.”

Recorder Toby Hedworth agreed to adjourn the hearing until a further proceeds of crime hearing, on November 8.