Shocked television viewer finds exotic snake under her sofa

6:13pm Tuesday 20th August 2013

By Alexa Copeland

A QUIET night in front of the television was turned upside down for one woman - after she found a snake under her sofa.

Wendy Taylor from Darlington was engrossed in an episode of Big Brother when her cat Truffles started “going stupid” and trying to stick its head underneath the sofa.

Thinking her pet had seen a spider, she pulled on her slippers and moved the sofa, only to be confronted by an exotic-looking yellow and orange snake.

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“I panicked a little bit at first," said Ms Taylor.

“I put the chair back over it, but I didn’t want the snake to escape round the house so I put an empty cat litter tray over it.

“I phoned the police 101 number and said ‘I don’t want to waste your time, but there’s a snake under my sofa and I’m not sure what to do about it!’”

The police contacted the RSPCA but because it was late, the charity was unable to send anyone.

Ms Taylor placed a heavy pan over the reptile overnight but by this morning (Tuesday, August 20) it had disappeared.

She said: “I turned the front room upside down looking it – it was like a scene out of a Carry On film – but we couldn’t find it anywhere.”

This is the second snake to have been reported loose in the Brinkburn Road area of Darlington and is believed to be a non-venomous corn snake; a non-native species that are often kept as pets.

Ms Taylor said that one of her neighbours found one of the snakes in her kitchen cupboard several weeks ago but it was caught and taken away.

More recently another neighbour reported seeing a snake in their house which sounds like it could be the same one that dropped in on Ms Taylor.

If anybody has lost their pet snake they should contact Darlington RSPCA on 079723-68602.


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