A YOUNG County Durham movie maker swapped tips with Oscar winning director Danny Boyle after appearing on BBC1's early evening magazine programme The One Show.

Barnard Castle teenager Jacob Crow was invited onto the show after his animated short film Dino Attack was shortlisted at the Leeds Young People's Film Festival awards last month.

Jacob, 14, explained: “The BBC got in touch and asked to have some young filmmakers as Danny Boyle was appearing on the show.

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“As a result, the organisers of the festival got in touch with three of us who were shortlisted in the awards.

“We met presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones, had a rehearsal and then did it live. Afterwards, Danny Boyle spoke to us and gave us some advice.

“It was a long day, a lot of travelling, but definitely worth it.”

Jacob, a Year 9 pupil at Staindrop Academy, has made dozens of animated shorts since he first started making movies aged just six and has set up a channel on Youtube where they can be viewed.

He currently uses a £50 web camera and films with Lego, using stop motion animation, shooting a single frame at a time.

It took him about two weeks to complete Dino Attack, which is just under three minutes long.

“It is a very tedious process and now it's taking a longer because I have advanced a bit, but it's the end product that makes it worthwhile” said Jacob.

He is also using some quite sophisticated techniques. Explaining how he came up with the explosions used in his latest production, he said: “I got some stock footage and then green-screened it on top.

“I am pretty much self-taught and if I don't know how to do something, I will look for a tutorial online.

“I am a big fan of action and sci-fi films. I get a lot of inspiration from those films,” he said.

Jacob has been entering film festivals since 2011 and earlier this year got to travel to to the Spanish city of Valencia for the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Educatiu (MICE), an international film festival where two of his films were shown.

“I would definitely like to pursue this as I get older – I have always wanted to be a director.”

He has started work on a new film, which he describes as a strange concept all about gravity.

To view Jacob's films, go to youtube.com/the2awesomeguys