A PRINIPAL is eager to promote equal rights for farmers in developing countries as well as for his students at Middlesbrough College.

To show his support, Mike Hopkins had the soles of his feet painted green and blue to represent the colours of Fartrade Fortnight which ends on Sunday (MARCH 10).

“Raising awareness of Fairtrade and the plight of farmers in the developing world is just one way we can help promote equality and diversity,” said Mr Hopkins who is also the college’s chief executive.

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Fairtrade works with 1.24 million farmers and workers across 66 developing countries and is committed to bringing about better prices and improved working conditions.

Alister Wrigley, Commercial Catering Manager at Middlesbrough College said it had stocked ethical products for several years.

He said: “Fairtrade Fortnight is a great way to share information with students and explain to them that by simply buying a Fairtrade coffee or a piece of Fairtrade fruit they are helping tackle injustice by making sure farmers receive a fair price for their produce.”