PLANS for a holiday bungalow have been rejected on the grounds that it would not be in keeping with the local area.

The application for a wooden chalet-style dormer bungalow on vacant land off Neasham Road, in Hurworth Moor, near Darlington, was turned down by planning officers from Darlington Borough Council.

The proposal had seen a number of objections from local residents, including Hurworth Parish Council who objected to a non-permanent structure but were open to a brick built property, similar to surrounding buildings.

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In a notice of refusal, the council said: “The proposal, by reason of it design and form, would not be in keeping with the existing brick-built conversions to the north of the site and would detract from the appearance of the area.

“In addition the proposal would have an adverse affect on the residential amenity of the occupants of these dwellings by reason of increased comings and goings.”