A MAN found in possession of counterfeit currency admits having used forged notes, but denies having made them, a court heard.

John Bennett, 56, today (Wednesday February 27) admitted having custody or control of counterfeiting materials, including foil, dyes and paper, intended for the purpose of making a counterfeit note.

He previously admitted two counts of passing counterfeit currency, totalling £240 in forged £20 and £50 notes and one of tendering two further counterfeit £50 notes.

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Bennett also previously pleaded guilty to a charge of having custody or control of £915 in counterfeit notes of various denominations with intent to pass them as genuine.

But he will stand trial next month on a charge of making £7,125 in counterfeit currency, of various denominational notes, said to have taken place between January 1 and October 9 last year, a charge he denied at a hearing in December.

Bennett, of Front Street, Sacriston, County Durham, was remanded back to custody following today’s hearing to be brought back for trial on Wednesday (March 6), after which he will be sentenced for the matters he admits.