A TEAM of ‘rolling angels’ is looking for new recruits for its heavenly ensemble.

Durham City Rolling Angels is a women’s flat track roller derby team which is based around Durham.

The team was founded by Bronia McNay, who is now club captain, last June.

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She said: “Roller derby is a fantastic sport. It’s now the fastest growing female sport in the UK. There are already teams in all the major cities, plus new teams popping up in the smaller towns all the time.

“It’s a fantastic, fun and challenging way to keep fit. It boosts women’s confidence. Every roller girl I’ve ever met has agreed that it changes them for the better.

“The psychological and physical effects of playing a full contact team sport positive affect their roles in work and everyday life.”

The team needs 15 members before it can play matches. Skaters must be over 18. For more information, visit durhamcityrollingangels.com or email: durhamcityrollingangels@gmail.com