A COUPLE were stunned when photographs from their wedding day were found on the other side of the world almost one year after they married.

Annice and Glen Grundy, both 43, held their special day at Redworth Hall Hotel, near Darlington on March 10 last year, joined by 120 guests.

Family friends, Ayshea and Carl Horsman, of Hartburn village, Stockton, took snaps of their big day, but lost a memory card whilst visiting Daylesford in Australia for a relative's wedding this year.

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Mr and Mrs Horsman returned home on Saturday, February 16 and were devastated to find they had lost their treasured snaps.

A day later, Mrs Grundy, 43, also of Hartburn, was shocked to be called by a wedding planner at Redworth Hall to say that a woman had found their photos half way around the world - just weeks before their first wedding anniversary.

Olga Sturludottir, of Daylesford in Victoria, Australia, turned detective after finding a memory card in a garden on Sunday.

Determined to solve the mystery, she loaded the pictures onto her computer and trawled through hundreds of images until she saw wedding photos which led to clues about the owner's identity.

She began searching on the internet after reading a sign for 'Barcelo' and 'Hall Hotel' above the happy but unknown couple and began piecing the puzzle together.

After researching on the internet, Ms Sturludottir found Barcelo was the former name of the hotel group which owns Redworth Hall Hotel and made contact with staff on Sunday.

Mrs Grundy, who is currently studying health studies at Hartlepool College of Further Education, said: "The memory card had around 500 photos on it, it's amazing that this kind lady performed this detective work to find us.”

Mrs Horsman and her husband Carl, 37, a telecoms engineer, had visited Australia to attend another wedding.

He said: "I was videoing the wedding using my brother's memory card, so I had put the other card in my bag, I can only assume it fell out.”

He said he will send mystery detective Ms Sturludottir flowers as a thank you.

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