RESIDENTS on a hill-top terrace have said enough is enough after being left without phones or internet for up to three months.

Not all the 19 homes on South Terrace, in Crook, have been affected, but most have lost either their phone or broadband service while some have been without either since November.

Despite numerous promises from BT the faults will be resolved, some residents have had enough of waiting.

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A BT spokeswoman said repair attempts had been hampered by the weather.

Jan Martin has been without a phone since December and has to use her mobile phone, which she claims is costing her more than her landline would.

Mrs Martin, who has still been paying her phone and broadband bill for the period, said: “It is unacceptable to be left without this service for so long.

“We keep getting promised that it will be resolved but it never is.

“We have had enough now and just want it back to normal, we want the service for which we are paying.”

Ms Martin said BT had already discussed compensation with her but she did not believe she would recoup the full cost of the faults.

She said: “I’ve tried to avoid using my mobile to make calls because it is more expensive, but there are times, like when I had to renew my car insurance, I had no choice – that call cost me £7.

“And obviously my family have incurred the extra cost of calling me on my mobile.

“I could rack up huge bills but I do not think I will get the money back for them.”

BT said they have found seven different faults causing the problems which need a new underground duct and cabling to solve.

A spokeswoman said their attempts have been hampered first by flooding then by snow, but 6m of the 16m of duct needed have been fixed.

The BT spokeswoman said: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to residents on South Terrace.

“Half of the work has now been completed and further traffic management will be in place next week so we can complete the rest.

“We expect work to be complete and service restored by the beginning of March.”