A MAN who was bound over to keep the peace has admitted a breach of the order following a row with his wife.

Keith John Cooper, 56, of Harcourt Street, Darlington, appeared at Darlington Magistrates’ Court for a civil hearing following the incident on Wednesday, February 6.

The court heard that Cooper had agreed to be bound over to the sum of £75 to keep the peace on January 21, following a number of incidents involving his neighbours.

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David Maddison, prosecuting, said: “His neighbour was a home on the evening of February 6 and could hear the defendant and his wife having a row. The neighbour called the police after the row had been going on for some time.”

Chris Bunting, mitigating, told the court that Cooper had accepted ‘more likely than not’ that his actions resulted in a breach of the peace.

He added: “He and his wife were arguing and in the course of that argument he made some remarks that he had not intended to be overheard, nor did he anticipate that they would be overheard.

“It’s not a case of him shouting in the street – it happened in the four walls of his home.”

Magistrates told Cooper that he must forfeit £25 of the £75 he was bound over for.