STAFF at a North-East engineering factory have volunteered to build filters that will help provide safe drinking water in Africa.

A total of 1,000 filters will be manufactured at the Cummins Engine plant, in Darlington.

Funded by Rotary Clubs in the region, the filters will be delivered to Rwanda and will provide clean drinking water for more than 30,000 people.

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Parts for the filters, known as Aquafilters, have been supplied by local companies and they will be assembled free of charge as part of Cummins’ commitment to social responsibility.

As part of the programme, Cummins staff spend half a day per year taking part in voluntary activities.

Rotary club national president John Minhinick visited the factory on Thursday (February 7) to see some of the filters being put together.

Aquafilters, designed and developed by North-East charity the Safe Water Trust, have also been delivered to countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Thanks to the co-operation between the Rotary Clubs, Cummins, the Safe Water Trust and local parts suppliers, more than 40,000 people will have safe drinking water.

“Not only will people who receive them not be sick, but money will not have to be spent on medicine , children will learn more effectively in school, and parents will be able to work.”