A DEBATE on the future of biofuels is to be held at a North-East university next week.

A discussion titled ‘Biofuels: fuels for the future or fuelling hunger?’ will be held at Durham University on Wednesday.

Charity ActionAid, which is staging the debate, says the issues are particularly relevant in the North-East, a region that has an active biofuels industry.

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The charity campaigns for governments to drop their biofuel targets to ensure the sustainable production and distribution of food for third-world nations.

Reflecting a breadth and diversity of opinion, the panel comprises Professor Keith Lindsey (Durham Energy Institute), Anders Dahlbeck (ActionAid Policy Adviser), Dr Chris Greenwell, (Durham University), John Pinkney (Representative of a local biofuels refining plant), Fiona Hall (MEP), and Dr Mike Adcock (Durham University).

The debate will take place at Durham Union Society Debating Chambers on Palace Green (next to the Cathedral) on Wednesday, February 13 at 4.30pm. The event is free and open to all.