A NURSE will undergo her first major haircut in more than 30 years to raise money for an African school and provide wigs to children recovering from cancer.

Pauline Wilson, from Blackhill in Consett, County Durham, will have up to 12ins cut from her head with the hair going to the Little Princess Trust.

The 58-year-old anaesthetic nurse, who works at the University Hospital of North Durham, decided to donate her hair after the charity helped a friend of her workmate’s daughter.

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She said: “The hair will be used to make a wig so that the child won’t look out of place and can have some confidence.”

She is also urging people to sponsor her hair cut with money going to a charity in Zambia that provides education to impoverished children.

Mrs Wilson said: “The charity started with a pastor and his wife teaching 15 children in their kitchen, now they have more than 300 and volunteers are building them a school.

“They started because many children weren’t getting an education because it cost too much.

“It costs just £3 a month per child and they also get a meal.”

Mrs Wilson admitted losing her hair would be a big shock but said it was worthwhile.

She said: “My family think I am mad, I have had long hair since before my son was born and he is 34.

“It’s something I can do that won’t hurt and anyway, it will always grow back.”

She will have her hair cut at the salon she visits once or twice a year for a trim, Hair and Beauty at Muse in Blackhill, on Tuesday, February 19.