A MOVING company has the right name for the job after being brought in to take the Bishop of Durham to his new home in London.

The day after his last service at Durham Cathedral, removal men started to move the Right Reverend Justin Welby’s belongings to Lambeth Palace, his new home as Archbishop of Canterbury.

And suitably enough the company given the job is called Bishop’s Move, who have sent 12 men and four vans from their York office to complete the week long move.

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This is the second time in three-years that Bishop’s Move has been responsible for the relocation of the Bishop of Durham.

In 2010 the company moved Bishop Welby’s predecessor Right Reverend Tom Wright to Fife in Scotland following his retirement, a move which also included the careful relocation of approximately 10,000 books.

Steve Allen, Bishop’s Move York branch manager said: “We are honoured to have been appointed to handle this prestigious and notable relocation.

“It will be a privilege of the removal men and indeed our company to ensure the Bishop of Durham enjoys an easy transition into his residence and play a small part in history.”

Bishop Welby will be officially appointed the next Archbishop of Canterbury on Monday (February 4) in a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral.

He will be enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral on March 21.