A COLLECTION of deer heads and antler trophies collected by one of the UK’s foremost experts on roe deer falls under the hammer next week.

The 60-strong collection, auctioned by Anderson and Garland in Newcastle on Wednesday (January 30) is being sold by the grandson of Henry Tegner who wrote The Roe Deer – Their History, Habits and Pursuit among other titles.

Within the lots are several related books and a number of examples that appeared in international exhibitions due to their distinctive markings.

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Starting in the 1920s, Tegner collected the deer heads during years of research in Dorset and later Northumberland, passing them down to his daughter, author Veronica Heath, on his death.

Heath herself was a well-known journalist and for years wrote for the Guardian’s Country Diary column, which she inherited from her father in 1977.

Following her marriage to local solicitor Pat Blackett, Heath lived at the former Seven Stars in Whalton, sending her vignettes to the Guardian from Belsay Post Office, in Northumberland.

Simon Blackett, Henry Tegner’s grandson and Heath’s son, said: “Following my mother’s death last year, my siblings and I have kept the deer heads and trophies with the most sentimental value but are unable to house the rest.”

Also featured at the firm’s Town and County sale will be a number of other taxidermy and sporting items including foxes heads and fishing tackle.

For more information visit www.andersonandgarland.com.