POLICE say they will arrest snow ball throwers who cause damage to properties and injure people after a spate of incidents across the North-East.

Officers in Sunderland have received more than 70 reports of youths throwing snowballs at passers-by, cars, and properties and Darlington police are investigating two incidents where people have been injured after being struck by snow balls.

A spokesman for Darlington Police confirmed they had not made any arrests, but were treating any snow-related offences seriously.

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He said: “If we see anyone damaging cars or injuring people with snowballs, we will look at them exactly the same as we would any other anti-social behaviour.

“It will not be tolerated.”

The weekend's police warnings comes after a bus passenger suffered minor bruising when a driver braked sharply after youths threw snowballs at his cab in Front Street, in Pelton, near Chester-le-Street, and Crook neighbourhood policing team said they will arrest anyone causing dangers to motorists by throwing snowballs at vehicles.

Inspector Paul Stewart, from Sunderland Area Command, said: “It is easy to turn a topic like this into a joke and shrug it off, but people have genuine concerns.

“It’s not nice to be driving along and for a flurry of snowballs to hit your windscreen or be an elderly person hit by a snowball while walking home or to the shops.

“If we receive reports of incidents involving snowballs being thrown at people or property, potentially causing damage or injury, then appropriate action will be taken.

"The people throwing snowballs need to have a little consideration for others.”