A SPECIAL event will be held on Teesside to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day.

One of the largest events in the country will be hosted by Teesside University to mark the occasion on Friday, January 25.

A number of speeches will be given on the topic by prominent academics at the commemoration event.

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The keynote speaker will be author and editor Professor Dan Stone, who has worked on ten books and scores of articles relating to the issues at hand. He will give an address called ‘The Cheese and the Wurst, Nazism and the Holocaust in Contemporary Culture.’

A speech about Germany’s ‘greatest woman’, Sophie Scholl will be delivered by Professor Frank McDonough of Liverpool John Moores University. Ms Scholl was a student executed with her brother for distributing anti-war leaflets and was recently voted German’s greatest woman for her work in opposing the Third Reich.

There will also be an exhibition of Holocaust related images and a talk given on that subject.

The free event will take place from 9am to 5.30pm. Places can be booked by visiting tees.ac.uk/events, where full details of the event can also be obtained.