Joe Willis looks at some of the violent incidents and disorder which took place inside the region’s prisons last year.

YOI Deerbolt, Barnard Castle

• A prisoner was punched and kicked to the head by five other prisoners. He suffered serious head injuries.

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• Four prisoners climbed over the railings on G Wing demanding a transfer. Negotiators and national resources were deployed. The prisoners later surrendered.

• A prisoner hit another inmate in the face with a pool cue. The victim was left unconscious and suffered a suspected broken jaw.

• One prisoner took another prisoner hostage in a cell. Both prisoners had earlier been involved in a fight.

HMP Frankland, Durham City

• During a search of a cell, a home-made knife was found. The weapon was made from a prison-issue waste bin with thread from a blanket which was used as the handle grip.

• During the lunch period staff found a prisoner hanging unconscious from his window bars. He had used a belt as a ligature. He was cut down by staff and moved to the healthcare unit.

• While on exercise in the care and separation unit a prisoner climbed up onto the cage fencing, but came down after negotiations.

• A prisoner became disruptive and staff had to retrain him. During the restraint, two members of staff were injured, sustaining a bite on the left arm, a suspected broken right wrist and a graze underneath the right eye.

• A prisoner grabbed his legal representative by the throat.

• A prisoner approached a member of staff and punched him in the face, causing a deep cut above the officer’s right eye. A weapon may have been used by the assailant.

HMP Holme House, Stockton

• Two prisoners climbed over the railings and onto the netting. Both prisoners later surrendered.

• A prisoner climbed over the railings, tied a ligature made from bedding around his neck and threatened to jump. He was protesting at being placed in closed visits.

• A prisoner set his pillow and clothing on fire. Staff poured water into the cell, donned smoke hoods and removed the prisoner.

• A prisoner started a fire in his cell bin.

HMP Kirklevington Grange, Yarm

• A prisoner ran away during an accompanied shopping trip to Middlesbrough.

HMP Northumberland, Morpeth

• A prisoner threw hot water over another prisoner and then hit him with a pool cue.

• Four prisoners climbed over the railings in House Block 9. National resources were deployed and they later surrendered.