A PENSIONER claims parents are putting lives at risk at a Darlington school by driving on paths and blocking driveways.

Henry Beaumont said people dropping off and picking up pupils at The Education Village, in Salters Lane South, are causing residents misery by obstructing vehicles and damaging grass verges.

The 65-year-old, of Dunelm Walk, said he has witnessed parents using their cars on footpaths during busy periods.

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A spokeswoman for The Education Village said they have received no reports of the problem, but confirmed it would inform parents of residents’ concerns.

Mr Beaumont, a retired motor trade worker, said: “It’s dangerous and some of them are going on the path and could kill someone.

“If they can’t get through on the road, they will use the paths and verges.

“They make such a mess and the grass verges are chewed up by the cars and look disgraceful.

“At one point, a disabled lady had to wait in her car in the street because someone had parked over her driveway.

“It’s getting worse and the council need to put up bollards to stop people parking on the verges and in front of drives.”

A spokeswoman for The Education Village said it would highlight the problem to parents attending Springfield Academy in its newsletter.

She said: “Richard Gartland, headteacher of Springfield Academy, and everyone at the school is committed to making sure residents are not affected and want to help the best we can.

“We completely empathise with what residents have said, and will tell parents to be more mindful.”

Darlington Borough Council confirmed concerns had been raised in Dunelm Walk, but said any issues over vehicles causing obstructions should be referred to the police.

A spokeswoman said: “We have been out to the street to take a look at damage caused to grass verges by cars and whilst there is damage, the verges do not as yet need to be repaired.”