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Future Archbishop of Canterbury guest edits The Northern Echo

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    MSG 1:09pm Fri 11 Jan 13
    I am not happy that a person of faith is editing my daily newspaper. I look forward to an impartial comment on the regions events. Not one skewed by the left wing infiltrated CofE !
    I hope this never happens again as it is a disgrace.
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    rod-earthman 1:32pm Fri 11 Jan 13
    You're the disgrace MSG, just take a look at yourself. Do you really think the Bishop will be sprinkling his religious fairy dust over each and every story in your daily newspaper? Do you really think that? Are you insane MSG? Are you?
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    MSG 8:14pm Sat 12 Jan 13
    No i am not insane, perhaps you are believing in all the religious poppycock!
    I prefer elected people to comment on lifes important matters!!!.
    The CofE is in tatters at the moment and has lost the moral high ground.
    I renounce my CofE baptism.
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    GarryR 12:55am Sun 13 Jan 13
    Hopefully he'll take the opportunity to explain why he sanctioned the closure and sale of St Laurence's (coincidentally or not) in MSG, based upon misrepresented and escalated repair costs which, when up for sale, have - er - miraculously - reduced to a fraction. Until such time as he satisfactorily and accurately answers the questions of the parishioners and local community I don't think they care much for any view that he may express, in this publication or otherwise.
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    fracker 8:37pm Sun 13 Jan 13
    He's an honest and well liked man msg,you won't be missed ,if you entered a church you'd probably be struck down anyway!!!, the church left wing that figures because left wingers tend to care for people,right wingers worship money.
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