A WOMAN has told a court how she feared she would be killed if she told police of the disgusting sexual and physical abuse she suffered.

Sean Johnstone's alleged victim said she hated him for what he did but claimed she did not report it at the time because she was scared of him.

The woman told a jury at Teesside Crown Court yesterday that she was beaten, sexually assaulted and raped by 42-year-old Mr Johnstone.

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He faces a total of 28 charges including rape, indecent assault and possessing indecent images of children and possessing extreme pornography.

The alleged victim - one of two - claimed Mr Johnstone would punch and slap her all over her body, and raped her numerous times.

Describing one alleged attack she said: “He asked if he could get into bed with me. I said no. He jumped in, put his arm over me and had sex with me.”

David Brooke, prosecuting, asked: “Did you want him to do that?”

The woman replied: “No. He knew I didn’t.”

Mr Brooke said: “How did he know?”

The alleged victim said: “Because I told him no.”

She said on another occasion, Mr Johnstone tried to force her to have sex with him and another woman against their will.

Mr Brooke asked her: “How did you feel about Sean when you were in that room?”

The woman said: “I hated him.”

The prosecutor asked: “Was there any way you could stop him physically?”

The woman said there was not, and claimed Mr Johnstone had said he would kill her if she “grassed him up” to the police.

Jim Withyman, defending, said: “He says he never forced you to have sex and never indecently assaulted you. He says any sexual contact he had was always consensual.”

He suggested to the woman: “At no time did he do what you say he did. That simply didn’t happen did it?”

The woman said: “Yeah.”

Mr Withyman also put it to her that Mr Johnstone was not violent towards her, but she insisted she was telling the truth.

Johnstone, of Wharton Terrace, Hartlepool, denies all the charges.

The trial continues