A MAN suspected of assaulting a relative and torching her car was shot with a Taser stungun in the field in front of onlookers during a police arrest last night (Sunday, January 6).

A police spokesman said officers were alerted by the fire brigade to a burning Nissan Micra behind the shops in Parkside Crescent, in Seaham, shortly after 6pm.

Neighbourhood police sergeant Jim Peel said: “We attended the fire, which was put out by firefighters.

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“The owner of the car, a woman in her 30s, alleged she had been assaulted by a male relative earlier in the day.

“She alleged he had punched her and she had a burst her lip.

“About 20 minutes later a further call came in saying a Kia Cerato car had been damaged, when somebody threw a brick through a its rear windscreen, in Shrewsbury Street.

“We linked that to the earlier arson attack and had a description of the man. Inquiries were made and that led to a 32-year-old male being detained.”

Srg Peel said a Taser stungun had been used to “control” the suspect, who was spotted in Malvern Fields, known locally as Mally Fields.

The suspect is tonight helping police with their inquiries.

Police have appealed for anyone who witnessed any of the incidents to contact 101 and ask for extension 6702715.