HE’S cute and he’s cuddly – but Tanner the three-legged rabbit is not quite a bouncing bunny.

Born with a deformed hind leg that later had to be removed, the six-month-old English cross-breed lives with his brothers and sisters at the Bunny Burrows rescue centre in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Hand-reared by the centre’s owner, Gwen Butler, young Tanner has not let his deformity stop him from ruling the roost in the run he shares with nine other rabbits and a dozen guinea pigs.

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“He bosses the others around but they all get on with him – and will even wash him,” said Gwen, who admits she is “bonkers about bunnies.”

And early in the New Year things should be getting even better for Tanner – when he is fitted with a pair of wheels to help him get around.

“It won’t be a permanent thing – but it should help him strengthen his other legs,” said Gwen.