A MAN who died after being hit by a lorry on a pedestrian crossing has saved the lives of five people after his organs were donated.

Jake Thompson, a 27-year-old teaching assistant, died in May last year but his parents have revealed how his lungs, pancreas, liver and kidneys have since gone on to give the gift of life to others.

The Northumbria University graduate, who grew up in Durham, was living in Bristol at the time of the accident.

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His parents, John and Janet Thompson, of Belmont, were unaware their son had put his name on the Organ Donor Register until they were approached after his death.

Mrs Thompson, a semi-retired nurse said: "It was Jake's wish to donate his organs and we are very proud of him. Something good has come out of this tragedy.

"As his next of kin, we could have overruled the decision to donation his organs, but it was his wish and we are proud that he took that decision."

One of the people who received an organ has written to the family thanking Jake.

Mr Thompson added: "The letter is very close and dear to us."

His parents are demanding that the driver of the lorry that killed their son is prosecuted after evidence suggested he was speeding.

An inquest in September was told the lorry's tachograph device recorded an average travelling speed of 38mph in a 30mph zone immediately prior to the incident.

Two witnesses gave evidence that the lights on the pedestrian crossing were turning to red at the time.

The family were told by the police that the driver would not be prosecuted but they have appealed to the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider its decision and have been told they will receive a response by December 14.