THREE films aimed at educating children and their parents about sexual health and contraception have been released.

The films, which have taken two years to make, were funded by County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust and Durham County Council and were produced by the Bishop Auckland Theatre Hooligans (Bath).

The three 10-minute long films show scenarios around sexual health including contracting Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs), becoming pregnant and feeling pressured into having sex.

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The films, called Love, Lies and STIs were devised by sexual health nurses Mandy Tyson and Pam Murgatroyd.

Ms Tyson said: “We wanted these films to be authentic and show what people actually feel and do in these situations and how we are there to help them.

“We want to remove the stigmas and fear people have when they are confronted with these situations as well as provide help and advice on what to do.”

Ms Murgratroyd said the films will be shown to students, parents and sexual health clinicians around the North East.

Stephen Elliott, founder of Bath, said: “This has been a long project but I am so proud to see the finished results.

“Our actors have tackled some really serious issues in the past and this will hopefully be another truly worthwhile campaign that will help young people and their families.”