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Reporter Joanna Morris sleeps rough to highlight homeless plight

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    Reporter Joanna Morris is spending the night sleeping rough to highlight the plight of homeless people in Winter.


Voice-of-reality 6:07pm Sun 9 Dec 12
An enlightening beginning to her foray into the world of the down and outs
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loveinit 10:42pm Sun 9 Dec 12
One thing that will keep her going is that it's not forever............m ost homeless people know they will be sleeping rough night after night. Its a vicious circle which is hard to overcome ~ no job no home, no home no job. However, some people actually choose to live rough rather than pay to live anywhere warm out of their benefits. Its a sad world we live in ................
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BMD 9:57am Mon 10 Dec 12
Check the bearded beggar in Post House Wynd, Darlington. He has never missed a day begging, lives in a nice two bed in Cockerton Village, claims his benefits and his catch phrase is "Any Spare Change Mate"
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