STUDENTS from Durham University have taken an internet craze one step further by filmed themselves pouring bottles of port over their heads.

'Porting' is an answer to the ‘milking’ videos from students at rival Newcastle University which has had more than 500,000 hits in the last two weeks.

The Durham You Tube montage, which shows young men pouring the fortified wine over themselves in various parts of the city, has had more than 45,000 hits.

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A spokesman for 'Porting Durham' said: 'It’s all about oneupmanship. We started out trying to get one better than our student cousins at Newcastle but, due to our lactose intolerance we were unable to do it with milk.”

The students wear smart white dress shirts while taking part in the trend to maximise the effect of the blood red liquid for the camera.

The spokesman added: “We commend Newcastle in their valiant effort and inspiring us to go one further.

"We were approached by a high street washing powder brand, and it all fell into place. What better thing to do than pour fortified wine over crisp white shirts?”

It is thought 19 bottles of the expensive fortified wine are poured away in the video.

A Milking Newcastle representative hit back, saying: “Come back and talk to us when you have half-a-million views.”

No-one at Durham University was available for comment when contacted by The Northern Echo.