MYSTERY still surrounds the death of a highly experienced young cyclist who lost control of his bike on a dangerous steep hill on the North Yorkshire Moors, an inquest was told.

Adam Cumbor, from Great Ayton, was found at the bottom of the hill at West House Farm, between Kildale and Westerdale. He had crashed into the side of a building on a blind bend.

But North Yorkshire coroner Michael Oakley said they would never know why it had happened, whether Mr Cumbor had met a vehicle or been distracted by an animal or insect.

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The house owner Christine Atkinson said in a statement to police:”Many cyclists use the road, up to 20 a day.

"They are dangerous as they come down the bank at such a speed, you have to look.”

An onboard computer on the bike showed Mr Cumbor, aged 20, had been doing speeds up to 46 mph on the journey.

Traffic Sargeant Trevor Burton told the inquest that, as a keen cyclist, he had carried out a reconstruction.

He said: “At that speed I felt safe that I was riding within myself.

"That maximum speed was probably attained before you approach the buildings. You would then be braking.

"I was keen to establish what a safe speed would be to go round the bend. I got to 17/18mph, I felt comfortable with that.

"If you were confronted with a vehicle at that point you could get through, but if you were going faster than 17 to 18 mph it might alter the scenario."

TC Graham McCulloch said Mr Cumbor, a former Stokesley School pupil, was still on his bike when he crashed into the wall and the helmet he was wearing had extensive damage.

A post-mortem examination found he died from severe head injuries.

TC McCulloch said extensive appeals had been made for any witnesses to the crash, but no one had come forward who saw what happened.

Mr Oakley added:” Mr Cumbor was a very experienced cyclist, it was a sophisticated bike, he knew the area in question well. It can only be conjecture as to why he collided with the building.”

He recorded a verdict of accidental death.