A DRUNK who fell asleep on a bus attacked people when they tried to help him, a court has heard.

Aaron Edward Jefferies from Hunwick admitted being drunk and disorderly when he appeared at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Blair Martin said the 30-year-old of Chapel Street had fallen asleep on a bus going to Bishop Auckland on November 12.

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When people tried to rouse him he became aggressive and abusive - before punching a sign, the court heard.

Mr Martin said the people were trying to assist him.

Jefferies was called into the court room earlier than planned because magistrates said they were concerned about his conduct in the waiting room.

The chair of the bench said he appeared to be drunk and asked Jefferies if he was in a fit state of mind.

The chair of the bench said: “You do not seem totally with it.”

Jefferies replied: “I was so worried last night that I was going to jail I drunk quite a lot.”

The court heard that Jefferies has a problem with alcohol but he said he is trying to deal with it.

The magistrates gave Jefferies a conditional discharge for 12 months.