YOUNG people have the opportunity to learn more about studying in America tomorrow at an event at one of the region's top independent schools.

Polam Hall School, in Darlington, is hosting a special conference for students, their parents and teaching staff in partnership with studyUS - an organisation which supports students looking to study in America.

Amid rising university fees in the UK, the event, which will be held at 6pm, will highlight how much more affordable it can be to study in America.

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Tyler Burton, a New Yorker who specialises in placing students at universities in the US and finding funding opportunities, will be joined by fellow studyUS colleague Phil Garner at the event.

Mr Garner will explain how the programme can guarantee students a place at an American university, whatever their finances, and help with acquiring financial aid for them - as long as they can achieve basic entry requirements.

He said: "It would be great to set Polam Hall up as a centre of excellence to prepare pupils for study in America.

"This course will be a significant part of Polam Hall's offering - a distinctive opportunity which will hopefully attract younger pupils and more overseas students to attend the school."

Head teacher, John Moreland, said: "The recent increases in tuition fees mean that studying in the US is no longer the prohibitively expensive venture it used to be."

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