MORE than 3,300 patient scans had to be reviewed after concerns were raised over a radiologist's work.

A review costing £80,000 took place at Sunderland Royal Hospital after errors were discovered in 29 patients cases who were either discharged with an incorrect medical report or were undergoing treatment they did not need.

City Hospitals Sunderland medical director Les Boobis apologised for the mistakes, which have left people distressed and anxious.

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The review looked at more than 3,000 MRI and CT scans, after errors were picked up in an audit into a consultant radiologist's work.

People affected had muscular-skeletal and neuroradiology conditions, such as spinal, back, neck and muscle injuries.

No patients were misdiagnosed with serious conditions as a result of the errors, the review found and hospital bosses confirmed the radiologist no longer works for the trust.

Of the 3,335 scans reviewed, taken from January 2010 to December 2011, 174 cases have now been professionally re-examined.

Mr Boobis said he has directly contacted the 29 patients affected by the errors, and that the trust has been working closely with the Royal College of Radiologists over the matter.

Mr Boobis said: "Steps were taken to ensure patients were no longer put at risk.

"Anybody who has had a CT or MRI scan since at the hospital since January 1, 2012, need not worry.

The trust typically carries out more than 12,000 MRI and 23,000 CT scans each year.

Mr Boobis added: "We want to reassure local people that we have taken this matter very seriously and conducted a detailed and thorough investigation.

"Our key concern is to reassure patients who have had scans with us, and to sincerely apologise for the distress and anxiety that this will have undoubtedly caused."