I ALWAYS enjoy reading Matt Westcott’s On Two Wheels features in the Echo’s Weekend Magazine, in particular his latest write-up about cycle helmets.

A forthcoming government review could make it compulsory to wear one as well as a high visibility jacket.

I have been cycling for 70 years and every time I get onto the saddle my helmet goes on first. It is only common sense. Making the wearing of helmets and hi-vis clothing compulsory would be difficult to police so I disagree with the proposal. I expect that there are going to be lots of arguments on this issue.

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I ended up in urgent care a few months ago when out for a ride a sudden gust of strong wind hit me, my front wheel hit the curb throwing me onto the footpath, my head and shoulder hit another curb at the front of someone’s garden. My injuries were to my shoulder but without my helmet they would also have been to my unprotected head.

Helmet or no helmet leave it to the individual.

David Johnson, Bishop Auckland