WHY the police routinely fail to act against those who illegally cycle on pavements is debatable.

Whether it’s their ignorance of the law (unlikely) or they just can’t be bothered (possible), the fact is that this activity is commonplace.

What doesn’t help is the fact that, for instance, mobility scooter use is permitted on pavements, cycling is allowed in the likes of Darlington town centre and ‘shared’ footpaths – those without even a (frequently ignored) white line down the middle – are becoming prevalent.

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But perpetrators should beware.

While they go merrily on their way, dodging between pedestrians with impunity, if and when a collision did occur – resulting in injury or worse – the authorities would have no option but to investigate and probably prosecute.

Those who cycle illegally on pavements are, therefore, not only being reckless but also very foolish indeed.

Kevin O’Brien, Ferryhill