NORTHALLERTON-born Scott Beaumont came fifth in the World Four-Cross Championships aged 38 and has been British Champion eight times

What’s your first memory of being on a bike?

My first memory is hard to nail down. I started riding a bicycle at two-and-a-half years old and I started racing at four. I guess some of my earliest memories are riding around at home and at my local track – Redditch.

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How did you go from riding a bike for fun to riding it in competition?

That transition never happened. I won a trophy at my first race and I was racing nationally at age five! It has always been about racing and winning!

What was your first success and what do you remember about it?

My first real success was finishing fifth in the European championships in Spain when I was aged seven. I remember it being great to be on holiday and racing at the same time! I liked the travelling and racing other kids my age from all over Europe. I won my first national race at age of nine.

In their 30s many people would think their best days are behind them, but since that time you have been British Champion six times. What has enabled you to maintain that longevity?

My drive to win is stronger than ever. My training is very focused and I have the best team behind me with USN. We work very hard and it makes me very happy when we can beat the young riders.

Can you tell me about your diet and training regime and how, say, that might differ from other sports or other cycling disciplines?

My discipline is a sprint sport and power is the main thing. So lots of leg weights, great recovery supplements from USN and a good plan for the year to take account of races and travelling.

I train twice a day most days and eat healthy. White meats, fish, vegetables and salads. The best advice I can give anyone though is drink more water.

What is it about the sport that keeps you motivated?

It is the most action-packed cycling sport in the world. It was originally designed by the TV company Eurosport to keep TV viewers on the edge of their seat. There is no sport like it.

What ambitions do you have left and what will it take to achieve them?

I want to be the first male rider to become world champion on BMX and mountain bike. It will take everything I’ve got.

If you had advice for young kids, what would that be?

Have fun. Start with BMX bikes and then progress onto the bigger mountain bikes. Always listen to advice. Even if you think you’ve heard it before there may be something you haven’t.

  •  Scott Beaumont is an ambassador for leading sports nutrition brand USN. USN has launched a nationwide search to find the next male and female ‘Face of USN’. For further details about the campaign or to enter visit