OLYMPIC hero Sir Chris Hoy has apologised following comments about cyclists and their love of lycra.

In an article in GQ magazine, six-time track cycling gold medalist, suggested anyone over eight stone should think twice before donning it.  

"Lycra isn't the most elegant material you can wear and professional cycling gear generally looks awful on pretty much anyone heavier than eight stone and with more than five per cent body aerodynamic fat," he wrote.

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In fairness to Sir Chris, he also defended people's right to wear whatever makes them comfortable.

"Personally, I feel sorry for Mamils. When they walk into a café dressed head-to-toe in Lycra, you'll always spot people sniggering at them," he wrote. "And yet you don't know what that person looked like six months or even a year ago. It may be that they were once twice the size they are now until cycling transformed them and they feel great about how they look."

Today, he took to Twitter to apologise to anyone who may have been offended by his comments.

"As a 14+stone MAMIL myself, this was a tongue-in-cheek article that wasn't meant to offend," he wrote.

"I'm really sorry; reading it back it looks harsh & that wasn't my intention. Whatever ur age/build, if ur on a bike u have my respect".

Cyclists responded to the apology saying they had taken the comments in good humour.

Duncan Walker‏ wrote: "Not offended in the slightest. At 6'4" and 100kg I'm not built for the pro peleton. Won't stop me going hitting the road tonight."

While Sandy Lobban‏ wrote: "If you offend 30% and give 70% a laugh, that's as good as it gets in 2017! I had a giggle."

Holty‏ responded: "I took up cycling 2 months ago, I really appreciated that article! I'm a MAMIL & lost 4st since Jan so can relate, but just embrace it! Haha"

However, bo peep‏ wrote: "I'm very self conscious in lycra but can't do 40 miles everyday without it. Understand the humour but #bodyshaming stops participation."