This week I am out on the road testing a cycling jersey from the intriguingly named Stolen Goat company

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So who are Stolen Goat?

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Founded in 2012, they are based in Woking.

As I didn’t know much more, I asked the company’s Andy Gorman to explain.

“Stolen Goat is not just about producing cycling kit,” he says. “Our real aim is to inspire people to get out as often as possible and enjoy the great outdoors, alone or in company, casually or competitively – as long as there is space in life to do more than just stare at a screen. Or, as we put it, we encourage people to embrace life and adventure more.

“Our cycling kit is the product of that goal – a way to help people into clothing that both looks and feels great while they enjoy their adventures.”

What do they do?

They produce all manner of cycling gear for both men and women. Concentrating in two areas, ‘core’ and ‘limited’ they aim to offer something for everyone at a decent price.

The core range aims to offer quality and value at a time when the effects of ‘Brexit’ are beginning to be felt by businesses. It’s gear we all need that stands the test of time.

The ‘limited’ range, meanwhile, makes more of the designers’ creative streak – it’s more showy and more individual.

So what are you wearing?

This is the Core Blue cycling jersey from Stolen Goat, which is new for this year.

One colour, with the Stolen Goat logo emblazoned on the front and the right arm, it goes about its business quietly and effectively. Like the rest of the company’s gear, it’s made in Belgium by the same factory that makes the country’s national kit.

What’s it made of?

This lightweight top is made from a four-way stretch fabric and is well ventilated and quick-drying should you get caught in a shower. It is close fitting, but in no way restrictive, instead moving with your body as you ride along.

What features does it have?

The jersey is designed with aero sleeves, which Stolen Goat say support the muscles. It has four pockets, including a smaller water-resistant one, which I used for my phone.

There’s nothing worse than a nice jersey with a sub-standard zip that comes off in your hand after a few washes or some rigorous handling, but the one used here seems more than up to the job. There’s a neat ‘garage’ so that it doesn’t rub against your neck when you are looking over your shoulder for example.

Who will it appeal to?

This top will appeal to someone who wants a quality garment without the additional cost that comes with a major brand. While it’s in no way flash, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons when you meet up for that ride.

How much is it and where can you get it from?

The Core Blue jersey sells for £60. You can get this and other Stolen Goat gear from www./