OUR story about a new safety campaign aimed at getting drivers to leave more room for cyclists has been causing a stir online.

You can read the story here.

Here are just a few of the comments left on our Facebook page:

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Mandy Carter: Cyclists should also take road safety lessons too, I've passed 2 cyclists the other morning riding 2a breast and all the traffic behind them had to slow down while they were laughing and joking on ! Makes it dangerous for motorists over taking don't you think :(

Lisa North: According to the law you are only allowed to ride 2 abreast on a wide enough road,and do not cause an obstruction to motorists,if cars are being held up behind,then they are causing an obstruction.On country back roads it is supposed to be single file.

Niel Wilson: Cyclists are a law unto themselves,i drive a truck and cant get past them because they cycle 2 abreast not all move over,its worse when they ride on the road right along side a cycle path,they will go on the cycle path if traffic lights are at red to get across the junction without stopping then back on the road the other side,i try to give cyclists at least a cars width room but i still get the 2 fingered salute as i pass :(

Jenny Henry: Cyclists should also give cars more room when theyre side by side on a narrow road.... works both ways.

Mandy Wilson Pinkney: Never had any of these cyclists move to single file for me to pass safely ever!! And the ones that ride round in a huge group are even worse, so this goes both ways for road courtesy

Tony Rowntree: I have NEVER in over thirty years of driving known cyclists drop into single file to allow motor vehicles to pass. They are generally the most selfish road users on the tarmac.

Carl Darley: What annoys me is when there is a cycle path which is better conditon than the road and they dont use it.

Dave Forster: I drive a HGV, what really annoys me is the fact that cyclists seem to think it is ok to pass on the left hand side at junctions and then put the blame on the wagon driver when there is an accident. Then cry, about wanting more mirrors or warning signals on HGV vehicles. There should be a law with heavy fines making it illegal for cyclists to pass on the Left hand side.

Tracy Dawson: I have every sympathy for been a horse rider the roads are getting to dangerous now for me to enjoy a hack out but I have to say a lot of cycling groups in my area show me no courtesy flying past my horse on narrow roads and scaring him we to have family and bleed and my horse is not a machine he has a mind of his own I also agree with other comments about large groups riding 3 abreast on country roads nightmare trying to pass safety if you want support it works both ways apologies to those who are very polite

Teddy Sugden: some cyclists deserve all they get like a lot of HGV Drivers we are very wary of cycles but only a few days ago on a DUEL Carriage way 2 cyclists were riding in the nearside linen the A66 Redcar Trunk Road and there was a proper cycle way with nothing on it Where do they get their brains from T*****S

Bob Jackson: Stop riding in packs like you own the roads then. Why does traffic have to slow to 20mph on a 60mph road for a pack of cyclists because they want to have a chat as they ride? Need a change of attitude there as well - never mind putting all of the onus on motorists - of but of course blame them they have to pay out for very expensive insurance so whatever happens the bikers will be ok.

Gainor Darley: texting whilst riding-jumping red lights-riding with no lights in the dark wearing black-riding on pavements - and why not they dont pay tax - have insurance-dont risk losing their licence (in fact dont even need to prove they are competent to ride or have an awareness of the rules of the road) and no way to identify those who do break the law...

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