Carole Dawson, accredited Jikiden Reiki Shihan teacher

The 'lost art’ of Japanese healing

A Newton Aycliffe woman is bringing the traditional Japanese form of Reiki to students throughout the region. Carole Dawson is one of only a handful of teachers of this ancient form of natural healing in the UK.

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Reiki is an energy healing therapy that originated in Japan and spread throughout the world in an adapted form after the Second World War. Practitioners use the life-force energy, or ‘ki’, all around us and pass it on, re-awakening the natural healing process in others.

Carole, who has been a natural therapy practitioner since 1990, also practises reflexology through Foot-Stop in Cockerton, Darlington and clinics in Newton Aycliffe and Richmond. Carole was first introduced to Jikiden at a workshop with Tadao Yamaguchi the president of The Jikiden Reiki Institute. It was once thought that this traditional Japanese practice was lost altogether. but Tadao has used this style of Reiki his whole life, as it was passed on from his mother, who learned it from Chujiro Hayashi, one of the first teachers created by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

“We all have the ability to heal," says Carole. "Jikiden Reiki courses are about reawakening your natural healing energy and the ability to heal ourselves and others.” She has developed her skills over a number of years and is now the only person in the North-East who can teach this authentic style of Reiki to others.

Carole says it’s very easy to learn and, as part of developing her own practice, she has passed on the ability to friends and family. “Even my 86-year-old mother has completed a Jikiden Reiki course and is now able to give herself and friends Reiki on a regular basis," she says.

Carole says there are no barriers to learning Jikiden Reiki, and it’s suitable for anyone who wants to play an active part in their own healing and that of others. Teaching involves showing and doing and a process called Reiju, where the teacher guides students through an awakening of their natural healing skills.

Having developed her natural therapy business, Carole now aims to pass on the traditional Japanese Reiki style throughout the North East region and beyond.

* Carole can be contacted on 07800-985-292;;